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Matter of Theology Podcast

Aug 23, 2019

In this episode, A.G. and Chris discuss the controversial topic of tongues being spoken in the church. Grab your bible and join them as they walk through key passages of Scripture and bring context to popular proof texts the Charismatic Movement uses to support their position. 

Aug 16, 2019

In this episode we welcome Chris back to the show, and officially make Josh a co-host. We also discuss how Christians should respond and handle situations such as Josh Harris and Marty Samson. 

If you hear some scratching, that is only the 5 o'clock shadow on Chris's chin scratching the Mic. 

Referenced sources on the...

Aug 9, 2019

No, we are not finishing Romans 1. However, we are doing some work in it. Mainly the goal is to refresh you from verses 18-25 and take a look at verses 26-27. Hope that it is a blessing to you.