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Matter of Theology Podcast

Feb 21, 2020

In part 2 of our look at the heresy of Arianism, A.G. and Chris discuss how Arianism is making its way through the churches of today. 

Feb 14, 2020

In this Episode, A.G. and Chris dive into the historical background of the Arian controversy 

Feb 11, 2020

In this bonus episode, the guys discuss the recent removal of the Acts 29 CEO. Our hosts look at the framework of the network as well as why particular patterns keep presenting themselves. 

This episode is not intended to bash anyone, but rather to show concern over certain behaviors that are present within this...

Feb 7, 2020

In this episode the guys discuss all the commotion that took place when NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers appeared on Danica Patrick's podcast. 

While Danica interviewed Rodgers on a variety of topics; it is his talk about faith that our hosts dive into. 

Jan 31, 2020

There are many who have been hurt by the church experience. Many of those who are hurt end up leaving the church altogether. In this episode Josh and Chris discuss their experiences with different churches and encourage you that if you have had a bad experience with a church; do not give up on the local body.