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Matter of Theology Podcast

Dec 25, 2019

Join the guys as they discuss movies, music, and much more on this special Holiday episode. 

Dec 20, 2019

In this bonus episode A.G. and Chris discuss Bethel church and their attempt to resurrect from the dead, the daughter of one of their worship leaders. 

We would ask that you pray for the family to heal, and that God would open their eyes and the eyes of all other followers of Bethel to the horrific, unbiblical display...

Dec 20, 2019

We are continuing in our study of Romans 11. We hope that this blesses you. 

Dec 13, 2019

Just when you thought we had covered it all! Join A.G. and Josh on this exciting episode of Between the Matters. 

Dec 6, 2019

Moving right along in our study of Romans 11. This time, join us as we discuss verses 13-17.